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ID: 131332 Posted: Nov 9

PRICE: $1,649

Elevator lift tables are made with thick 10
gauge steel, rugged enough to handle the
heaviest vehicles. We start with a quality
frame and rectangular base, a footprint that
ensures safety in lifting and safety in
working. The base frame is fitted with a tow
bar that accepts a wheel dolly, the base
frame is also pre drilled with to accept a
wheel kit which allows for easy placement and
storage. A safety locking mechanism is built
into the base with 4 and 5 settings,
depending on the model, to adjust to your
height. Included are front and rear drop
down panels make service work easy, and a
side extension kit with ramps which expands
the width of the table to 56". The side
extension kits allow for service of various
ATVs and UTVs. An optional side extension kit
which expands the lift table out to 69" wide
for larger UTVs. The Elevator 1800 is a
heavy duty lift table carries a 2 year
warranty and is built beautifully.
FEATURES 2 year warranty 4 equal
piece (quarters) side extension kit with
ramps expands lift width to 56", optional kit
to 69" Dual front drop and rear drop panel
for quick wheel service Easy-on-easy-off
slide in receivers for side extensions (sides
are 4 piece and 2 ramps) Air operated twin
cylinders for smooth operation 2 step
air-operated foot pedal Heavy duty track and
bearings for smooth operation 4 panel
(quarters) quick mount side extension kit
with ramps Base frame pre-drilled for wheel
kit Multiposition safety lock
system Optional 2 year extended warranty
available Visit
Call 603-234-2612

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