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For Sale
PRICE: $185

Nitrogen regulator shock fill kit from Schmidty Racing. I had a regulator returned that
had one of the gauges damaged in shipping. I replaced the gauge with one of our Logo
gauges. Other than that, this Uniweld regulator is brand new. Regulator is rated to 400#
output. Comes with a new 8' rubber hose, and has a 0-300# secondary gauge,12"
stainless-steel whip extension with a No-Loss chuck on the end. It also has an in-line
shutoff valve. This is one of the the last one of our old style end assemblies, and does
not have the 360* swivel fitting by the no-loss chuck like our new ones do. One of the
neat features of this kit is that you can remove the end assembly, turn the shut-off to
the "off" position; and then use it as a "test" tool to "check" shock pressure. (You can
do the same thing, leaving it on the hose as well.) Normally $240 shipped. This one is
$185 shipped. I Prefer cash or Postal Money order, but can do Paypal if cover the fees

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